About Angelhouze

Angel Houze Clay Art was established in 2014 by Julie Kartono as part of her decision to share her passion in doing clay arts to the community.

We offer a wide range of air dry clay art classes. Ranging from flowers, figurines to food hand sculpting classes to children and adults in East Bay area, California. Other art classes such as flower arrangement, paper tole, decoupage and cake decorating are also provided on an occasional basis that you can check in our upcoming event information. See our schedule on City of Dublin or City of Danville Recreation program websites. We have interesting clay & other art projects with them for children and adults as well.

Besides our regular classes we also offer Clay art or Other Art classes for your child’s birthday party or for your social events activity. You can share your theme project idea with us and we will plan the event class with you.

Ready stock and custom-made flower arrangements, cake toppers, gifts & souvenirs from clay are also available for your wedding, personal gift, birthday, company event or for home décor.

We use an innovative, air-dried modeling clay that is light, pliable, easy to work with and versatile. It is ideal for projects from the simplest to the most imaginative. With an endless array of color mixing possibilities, it’s perfect for detail work. Finished creations are not only beautiful; they are lightweight, soft to the touch, yet exceptionally durable for a lifetime of enjoyment. Finished pieces air-dry to a firm constancy in 24 hours.

For more information about any of our products or services, please see a list of frequently asked questions.

Julie Kartono

I fell in love in the endless possibility of air dry clay art from the first time I saw them. I did not have a chance to learn more about it because there are very limited clay instructors in Indonesia (the place where I lived before I move to the USA). Besides I was too busy at that time, focusing on my carrier in Finance & Accounting field. I was only able to admire the beauty of clay art from the Japanese clay art books that I bought.

I feel grateful to have the opportunities to move to the USA. Since then I have had a chance to learn about many arts and be able to continue learning about clay art. I am also grateful to be a part of Deco Clay Craft Academy from which I graduated in 2014.

Inspired by several friends’ successes with their artistic skills it gives me courage to depend on my clay art skills for my living. I like their spirit as well as the exchange of positive, healthy energy and lasting friendships. I wish that I can be a part of the exchange for the community.

Special thanks as well to all the clay art artists who have guided me in exploring the beauty & happiness in doing clay arts. They have also shared their passions that has led me to what I am now. I have been inspired by clay artists from Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, They are amazingly inspiring to me to do more with this clay art and share the happiness in making it.

I like to make a mixed media clay art projects where I can combine characters, flowers or food hand sculpting technique and other arts to make the end product more beautiful. I want to be surrounded by all of my clay art works so I like to make a functional clay art projects that I can use for my daily activity or for my home decorations.

Hope that you will enjoy the endless possibilities in clay crafting with Angel Houze Clay Art.

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